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  • Dusting paint painting production line

    Dusting paint painting production line

    Introduction Coating production line mainly by pretreatment electrophoresis line (electrophoretic paint is the earliest developed water-based coating, its main characteristics are high coating efficiency, economic safety, less pollution, can achieve complete automation management. Pretreatment is required before coating electrophoretic paint), sealing bottom coating line, middle coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and its drying system. The whole conveying system of the pa...

  • Automobile cab electrophoresis production line

    Automobile cab electrophoresis production line

    Electrophoretic painting generally involves four simultaneous processes 1. Electrophoresis: under the action of direct current electric field, positive and negative charged colloidal particles to negative, positive direction movement, also known as swimming.   2. Electrolysis: the oxidation reduction reaction is carried out on the electrode, but the oxidation and reduction phenomenon is formed on the electrode.   3. Electrodeposition: due to electrophoresis, the charged colloidal par...

  • Spray type pretreatment production line

    Spray type pretreatment production line

    Coating pretreatment includes degreasing (degreasing), rust removal, phosphating three parts. Phosphating is the central link, degreasing and rust removal is the preparation process before phosphating, so in production practice, we should not only take phosphating work as the focus, but also start from the requirements of phosphating quality, do a good job in addition to oil and rust removal, especially pay attention to the mutual influence between them. Degreasing derusting With th...

  • Filter cartridge bag dust collector

    Filter cartridge bag dust collector

    Introduction PL series single machine dust removal equipment is the domestic more dust removal equipment, the equipment by fan, filter type filter, dust collector trinity. The filter barrel of the PL single-machine bag filter is made of imported polyester fiber, which has many advantages such as high dust removal efficiency, fine dust collection, small size, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life and so on. PL series single machine dust collector in the equipment...

  • Activated carbon adsorption, desorption, catalytic combustion

    Activated carbon adsorption, desorption, cataly...

    Introduction Workshop is engaged in the production operation will poduce the harmful gas such as stimulation of pollutants, to nature ecology and plant environmental hazards can cause air pollution, waste gas emissions from the equipment will be collected, the use of activated carbon adsorption tower will be treated as waste gas to the air pollutant emission standards before discharge into the atmosphere, so as not to ause the harm of environment and staff. Activated carbon abs...

  • RTO regenerative waste gas incinerator

    RTO regenerative waste gas incinerator

    Introduction RT0 is also known as regenerative heating garbage incinerator, is a kind of environmental protection machinery that depends on heat energy to immediately ignite the waste gas, which can solve the waste gas in spraying, painting, packaging and printing, plastics, chemical plants, electrophoresis principle, spraying, electronic devices and other basically all fields. For the waste gas with the concentration value in the range of 100-3500mg /m3, RTO has the practical effect tha...

  • High temperature powder curing bridge drying furnace-jm-900

    High temperature powder curing bridge drying fu...

    Equipment composition description 1. Chamber Body The chamber body is through type, the column and beam in the chamber body are welded with section steel to meet the load-bearing requirements of the chamber body and the workpiece. The inner plate of the chamber is made of 1.2mm high quality galvanized steel plate, the outer wall is made of 0.6mm galvanized corrugated steel plate, and the inner skeleton is made of U-shaped steel, Angle steel and galvanized steel plate. The thickness of t...

  • Room of the lacquer that bake

    Room of the lacquer that bake

    It is mainly composed of chamber body, heat exchange device, heat circulation air duct, exhaust air duct and flue gas emission system. Drying room is designed with electric door, the workpiece into the furnace, electric door closed. The heating unit is placed on the steel platform at the top of the chamber. Structure description The equipment is mainly composed of chamber body, indoor circulating air duct, electric gate, heating unit, smoke exhaust device and other parts. Chamber stru...

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  • Process flow of coating line
  • Composition of coating line
  • Process flow of coating line

    Pre - treatment manual simple process and automatic pre - treatment process, the latter is divided into automatic spray and automatic dip spray two processes.

  • Composition of coating line

    The components of the coating line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, dusting system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, suspension conveyor chain, etc.